Vert Bocage

of Le Vert BOCAGE in Franqueville Saint Pierre

From the 1900s to the 1950s, Le Vert Bocage was a village grocery store. Then, in 1956, its owners Mr. and Mrs. Nlay decided to turn it into a hotel and restaurant. For nearly 25 years, it hosted both personalities and notable figures seeking a warm and friendly place, as well as the FC Rouen soccer team to celebrate their victories.

Mrs. Nlay also proudly recalls the time when Mrs. De Gaulle organized war veterans meetings there.

As a place of life and celebration, Le Vert Bocage was also renowned for engagement and wedding parties, the interior space was made to be entirely divisible. Every weekend, it could host up to 3 events. 

All year long, it also welcomed travelers who chose it as a stopover on the roads of Normandy as well as regular and faithful guests who enjoyed inviting friends and family for joyful meal.

This place also inspired vocations as for the Chef Marc Andrieu of Les Petits Parapluies, a famous restaurant in Rouen, who began his career as an apprentice at Le Vert Bocage.

*In 1981, the creators of the Hotel-Restaurant Le Vert Bocage decided to sell, after serving their clients with passion for 25 years.**

It changed hands once again until 2021, when Le Vert Bocage opened a new chapter in its history with Olivier Da Silva and his team.


It was very important to Olivier Da Silva to preserve the soul of the place, starting by keeping its name and even its original logo. From there, he envisioned a place that ressembles him, warm and authentic.

To serve traditional, gourmet, and generous cuisine, the layout and decoration of all the rooms and the large terrace were designed with a focus on modernity, conviviality, and comfort.

Olivier wholeheartedly wanted Le Vert Bocage to become once again the place of life, sharing, and celebration created in 1964 by the Nlay family. The Chef aims to preserve the values that made the establishment renowned while adding his own touch.